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Mixed Bag Poll Heading into the 112th

The first USA TODAY/Gallup poll post-election lacks a single clear message.

Good news for Republicans? 49 percent of respondents think congressional Republicans should set the nation’s direction, while just 41 percent think President Obama should do so. Meanwhile, Republican respondents overwhelmingly think it is more important for the new majority to stick to its principles than to “get things done,” while Democrats and independents favor compromise. One supposes this can only be good for the Republicans — your base that wants you to stick to your guns while the other guy’s wants him to compromise.

Bad news?

There’s also not much of a mandate for the GOP to repeal Obama’s signature health care law, a rallying cry for Republican candidates during the campaign.

Among those surveyed, 42% say the law “goes too far” and 49% say it is “about right” or doesn’t go far enough. One-third would like the law repealed.

If congressional Republicans are serious about defunding and repealing Obamacare, they’ll have something of an uphill battle selling it to the American people.


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