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Mob Tactics in Texas

At 12:03 last night, the Texas Senate voted 19-10 to pass a pro-life omnibus bill that Democrat senator Wendy Davis had been filibustering earlier. But that was three minutes too late. The bill had to pass by midnight. Why were they three minutes late recording the vote? Because abortion activists had succeeded in creating so much chaos in the chamber, the Senate was unable to maintain an orderly process. The filibuster actually ended at 10:30, leaving an hour and a half in the legislative session to consider the bill. But mob rule took over with the protestors in the galleries overwhelming the number of police there to keep order.

This is Saul Alinsky-style anarchy disguised as political protest. It’s telling that abortion activists needed to resort to mob tactics and riot to defeat a bill that had such a resounding margin of support.

But after their euphoria tamps down, the enablers of Big Abortion will come to see last night as a pyrrhic victory. There were no actual arguments advanced against the bill, only tired, old slogans and cliches from the ’70s.

What was in this bill that Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, is so proud of defeating? One element was based on model language from Americans United for Life that protects women undergoing chemical abortions by requiring that FDA-approved protocols be followed. At least 14 women have died after off-label use of abortion drugs Another element would have restricted abortion after a baby reached five months. At that point in a pregnancy, a woman is obviously pregnant, can feel the baby kicking, and sonograms may show the baby sucking his thumb.

The Texas legislature now stands adjourned until their next session, which isn’t until 2015. But Wendy Lee has a pro-life challenger, Konni Burton, who has a legion of new supporters. Game on.

Editor’s Note: This post has been amended since its initial posting.


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