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Moby: Deep Thinker

Folks, Moby’s blog is High-larious. I found it because I was reading a “What now?” symposium at Salon. I never wondered why Moby’s counsel isn’t sought at the highest levels of government, academia and finance before, but I found the answer anyway. An excerpt:

.. some of us might long for a secession wherein certain parts of the country declare their sovereign autonomy, but given our current state of quasi-united states, well, bush won. tonight i realized that although america is possessed of a lot of progressive people, america is essentially a right-wing republican country. we might resist this fact, but it is a fact. it’s not a fact in manhattan. it’s not a fact in l.a or san francisco. but for 100+ million people it’s a fact … and now we ask … what now? with another 4 years of a republican president/senate/house, well … what do they want? the right-wing have re-asserted their dominance. what do they want? i do hope that the democrats in the house and senate do their best to impose sane restrictions upon the more extreme tendencies of the newly empowered right-wing … the sun will rise tomorrow, and the people who voted for bush will: a) send their sons/daughters off to war in iraq; b) complain about unemployment; c) lament their lack of health care; d) complain about the high price of prescription drugs; e) complain about a low minimum wage; f) complain about high gas prices/heating oil costs; g) and so on; h) and so on … the people have made their choice. and now, for better or worse, they have to live with their choice … can someone remind me why secession is not an option at this point? i mean let’s be realistic, we live in a divided country. can’t we have the breakaway republics of ‘north-east-istan’ and ‘pacific-stan’? wouldn’t the red states be happier without us?”


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