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Mock Microaggressions, Lose Your Job

In today’s Martin Center article, I write about a shocking case of retaliation against a faculty member for daring to mock the leftist obsession with “microaggressions.”

The case arose at the University of North Texas, when an adjunct math professor made fun of a stack of fliers left anonymously in the faculty lounge. The fliers gave the usual babble about how apparently innocent phrases such as “America is a land of opportunity” are really very hurtful to people in certain groups. The professor mockingly wrote on a chalkboard “don’t leave garbage in here” and drew an arrow pointing to the fliers.

That action so enraged the chairman of the math department that he desperately sought the culprit and once he had found him, decided to terminate his employment. Never mind the contract, university due-process policies, and the Constitution. Criticism of woke beliefs will not be tolerated. (Remember, this is in a math department, not something like Women’s Studies.)

The ousted professor is suing, with help from Alliance Defending Freedom. So far, the university has not replied to the complaint. But if the school’s general counsel has any brains, he will tell the folks in charge to settle fast, and perhaps also urge them to begin a mandatory training system for all faculty and administrators on the meaning and importance of free speech.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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