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Mom and Apple Pie

A 32-year-old female, Freddy McConnell, who presents and identifies as a man, was told by the U.K. Supreme Court that they would not hear her appeal contesting the use of the word “mother” (instead of “father” or “parent”) on the birth certificate of her child. The rejection was made on legal grounds; McConnell’s case was deemed inarguable as a point of law.

In other words, in order for someone who has given birth to be referred to as something other than “mother,” parliament would first need to change the law. The court’s decision may be a small victory for common sense, but it’s only a matter of time before progressive parliamentarians make serious headway with their gender agenda.

Quite apart from the biological truth of the matter — that every human person has a biological mother (as well as a father), or that it isn’t a good idea to permit lies to be systematically enshrined into law, this is yet another example of gender ideology’s disproportionate impact on womanhood. It used to be that, whatever our politics, we could all at least agree on mom and apple pie. No longer.