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Mona, Metrics, and Shhh

1) Mona Charen has written a tour de force: “What the Left and Right Don’t Get about Campus Rape.” She’s a bizarre kind of journalist: one who actually finds out things before writing or commenting about them. Maybe they ought to take away her license?

2) On our homepage today, I begin a “Salzburg Journal,” which will include many and disparate observations, points, and tales. Today, I confess ignorance of the metric system. Part of this is willful, i.e., a stubborn, semi-political refusal to learn it.

A reader writes, “If God had wanted us to use the metric system, Jesus would have had ten apostles.”

(Note to the Left, if the Left were reading: It’s just a joke. Theocracy is not coming. English weights and measures are not a racist plot.)

3) A friend in the theater biz sends me this important article: “Working with Transgender Actors: 5 Words to Know and 5 to Avoid.”

Let’s go right to the words to avoid: “transgendered”; “tranny,” “she-male,” “he-she”; “transvestite” or “cross-dresser”; “pre-op” and “post-op”; “sex change.”

To which I have only one thing to say — or rather, five things — or rather, nine things: transgendered, tranny, she-male, he-she, transvestite, cross-dresser, pre-op, post-op, and sex change.

One of the reasons I rejected the Left, many years ago, is that they were language police. And I found that offensive and illiberal — and un-American (to use an antique word). Once in a great while, you’ll find language police on the right: for example, people who insist that you say “homosexual marriage,” not “gay marriage.” But mainly, these cops are on the left.

And should be told to — go away (to be as polite as I can be).

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