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Monday links

April 25th is ANZAC Day, the anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli: here’s some history, a documentary, and a Lego re-enactment.

Gallery of photos from the Halifax explosion – the naval accident that erased an entire city in Canada.

Audubon Made Up At Least 28 Fake Species To Prank A Rival.

It’s Oliver Cromwell’s birthday – here’s his excellent speech throwing out the corrupt Parliament, the story of the posthumous travels of his head, and bonus Monty Python.

The evolutionary origins of laughter are rooted more in survival than enjoyment.

Japanese/English Phrasebook Is Absolutely Hilarious.

ICYMIFriday’s links are here, and include the Earth Day co-founder who killed and composted his girlfriend, the costs of keeping Lenin’s corpse on display, construction workers from competing companies fighting in the street with bulldozers, and Teddy Roosevelt’s white rhino hunt.


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