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Monday Links

How To Dress For Success And To Get A Man: A 1967 Guide. Related, “Women are teachable”: 1940’s booklet to “assist male bosses in supervising their new female employees.”

Spring cleaning, 19th-century style.

FBI recovers stolen Chagall 30 years after theft.

Microsoft has made its internal training courses for AI available to the public.

Predictions for the Year 2018 from the 20th Century

Shoplifter uses Play-Doh to cover up security-camera lens, leaves perfectly pressed fingerprint behind.

ICYMI, Friday’s links are here, and include tax-related stuff (history, cartoons, links, Dave Barry, Sci-Fi tax revolts, the tax implications of the zombie apocalypse, and the 1967 cartoon version of The Beatles “Taxman”), and the anniversaries of Lincoln’s assassination and the sinking of the Titanic (with eyewitness accounts of each).


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