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Monday Links

When given colored construction paper, wasps build rainbow-colored nests

Goat rituals and tree-trunk gravestones: The peculiar gistory of life insurance. Related: how maritime insurance built Ancient Rome.

You can now rent Julia Childs’s Provencale Kitchen as she left it, via Airbnb.

Advice from 1658: How to give up wine

Check out all the largest flying boats in history

How to dress for success and to get a man: A 1967 guide. Related: “Women are teachable”: 1940’s booklet to “assist male bosses in supervising their new female employees”​

ICYMIFriday’s links are here, and include the tax implications of the zombie apocalypse, a gallery of vintage mechanical calculators, the British plan for a chicken-heated nuclear bomb. a giant flesh-eating koala , and why UPS trucks don’t turn left


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