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Monday Links

German man went to court, won the right to pee standing up.

Why do sneezes come in twos and threes?

Death-defying photos of skyscraper construction workers goofing around.

Scots, wha hae — yesterday was Robert Burns’s birthday. Here’s a bio, poems, Burns Supper instructions, and lots of haggis.

Gallery of awkward mascots.

The origin and trademarking of “Couch Potato.”

ICYMIFriday’s links are here, and include 100-year-old PSAs on movie-theater etiquette, repairing a $12 million Monet after it was punched, processing 31 rolls of undeveloped film taken by a WWII soldier, and the history of horsemeat eating in America.

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Weirdo O’Rourke

Friends of the young Bill Clinton and Barack Obama spoke of the special glow of promise they had about them, even back in their early twenties. Angels sat on their shoulders. History gave them a wink and said, “Hey, good lookin’, I’ll be back to pick you up later.” Robert O’Rourke? Not so much. He ... Read More

McCain at Annapolis

President Trump has been doing a lot of tweeting today -- against TV programs, companies, and other things that have incurred his displeasure. These tweets make for interesting reading. One of them is this: So it was indeed (just proven in court papers) “last in his class” (Annapolis) John McCain that sent ... Read More