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Monday Odd Links

The website of tacky weddings.

“Swan Lake” done with glasses and water.

The Doodlebra.

Freakishly Powerful Toilet.

Group bridge jumping.

Bridge Demolition Opera.

New ’safe’ bed allows savers to safely store their cash under the mattress.

Star Trek Perfume — scents from the final frontier.

Weapons of Mass Destruction — a photo retrospective.

National Geographic: ”Torture” Phalluses Give Beetles Breeding Boost. (Safe for work).

Leningrad Siege: Now and Then.

What would a real-life Barbie look like?  Related — Tattoo Barbie.

Squirrel crisps are flavor of the month.

Wombat poo paper launched.  And in related (sorta) news, poor quality poop results in Fecal Fest being canceled.