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Monday Stuff from Debby

I’m back on dry land and digging out on a number of fronts, including a column deadline, a parent-teacher conference, and a visit from the cable guy. Many topics to discuss. But in order to satiate demand until I can get free, I present: Monday stuff from Debby!

The evolution of cranberries.

Massive plagues of rats swarm across India every fifty years.

Every Arnold Schwarzenegger scream from every Arnold movie. Also, Defenestration: The Movie.


Unfortunately not yet available in the U.S., The Flush Tracker: “Hidden underground, it’s easy to take the sewer systems for granted, but now you can find out where yours goes.”

Frog bites more than it can chew.


How to win a coin toss.


Partygoer dressed as sheep saved by Jesus after being set alight.


In the glorious future, could space travel be poop-powered?


Gallery: Capturing the atom bomb on film. Also, Morning Dew Photography.


Turn your elevator into an express elevator.


The Origins of Familiar Symbols.


Eleven prisons turned into hotels.


Seeing Where the Microwaves Are in a Microwave Oven.


Everything you ever wanted to know about the mating habits of crickets, including but not limited to: Cricket Sets Testicle Size Record.

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