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Monday Stuff

I’m about to get on a plane back from LA. Good times. Fascinating, weird, fun stuff. Will report more when I get back to DC. In the meantime, from Debby, the OLG:

The 25 Best High-Tech Pranks.

How to Balance 17 Dominoes on One Domino.

2008 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest.

A health spa in Russia has unveiled a bronze monument of three cherubs carrying an enema, a design inspired by the 15th century Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli.

10 Most Destructive Tornadoes From Around the World.

Is Internet Rewiring Our Brains? 

The World’s 5 Strangest Holidays.

Sarcasm: Evolutionary Survival Skill.

In South Africa, Chinese is the New Black.

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone using Rice.

Eat Curry, Lose Weight?

This guy has spent 15 years creating a miniature Paris out of old concrete blocks, baby food jars and soup cans.  Check out the slideshow.

Snow globe art.

World’s ugliest dogs 2008.

This cracked me up – Crazy Russian Grandmas!


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