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From Debby:

Human Speech Traced to Talking Fish.   Lust is blind.   Beating a speeding ticket with GPS.   I know 20 minutes is a lot of time to devote to watching a video, but I highly recommend that you do so in this case, even if you think the subject may be uninteresting.  Benjamin Zander on music and passion.   30 Strange Trees.   Video of the moon transiting the earth, taken by the Deep Impact spacecraft.   Insomnia? You might be a mutant.   Thriving UK nanny state example #5,617 – brooms are too dangerous.   Video of the dissection of a giant squid.  Hula hoop sized calamari, anyone?   Gallery of Odd-Looking Marine Animals.   Fisherman hooks a drowning man and reels him to shore.   Man’s 6 Most Ridiculous Attempts To Take On Mother Nature, (May be NSFW)   Check out this 900 lb ligre (lion/tiger hybrid).   Wired: Where does Batman get his tech toys?   Mythbusters are looking for volunteers to retry the Archimedes Death Ray.   1950′s era video of precision choreographed motorcycle riding by Italian police.   35 acre subterranean UK Cold War City.   One man flute choir.   Interesting article – MIT’s Guru of Low-Tech Engineering Fixes the World on $2 a Day. 


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