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Monday Stuff

Debby’s on the case:

More killer-chipmunk news: “Breakout fuels killer chipmunk concerns.”  And “I fled mad chipmunk.”

15 Da Vinci War Machines.

Court gives Santeria priest okay to sacrifice goats.

Astronaut’s secret is out — he didn’t change underpants for month.

How to make your own potato Gatling gun. And here’s a water-powered jetpack.

What to do if your flight gets bumped.

Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time-Travel Movies.

Superman marrying Wonder Woman.

Video — breaking the mattress domino record.

Huffing and puffing and brick houses. Vortex Cannon!

Women Scorned by Same Man Get Revenge.

Lots of free original NES games to play online: Virtual NES.

Bank teller foils holdup, nabs suspect — loses job.


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