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Monroe, RIP

In other news, my cat died. I adopted Monroe and Jackson on a whim as youngish cats from a pet-adoption outfit that operated from a park near my NYC apartment. I quickly realized it wasn’t fair to keep cats in a studio apartment when I was never around, and sent them to the paradise of my parents’ place in suburban Virginia. Monroe was all-black, with long, elegant feline lines. He was mild-mannered and sweet-tempered, so we were shocked to learn — once he was loosed on the backyard — that he was absolute hell on birds, mice, and baby moles, especially baby moles. He was a good friend and will be missed. A sketch below.



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Fire Public Broadcasting

Fire Public Broadcasting

NPR and PBS routinely present woke opinion as fact, and broadcast views that are anathema to at least half the country. Time to yank their taxpayer dollars.