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Montage: CNN Asks Rubio About Trump Eight Times in Five-Minute Interview

‘Do you think there needs to be a Stop Trump movement?’

On State of the Union this morning, CNN’s Jamie Gangel sat down with Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), where she picked the Republican presidential candidate’s brain on a variety of topics. Such as:

  • Why is Donald Trump beating you in your home state?
  • What do you think about Donald Trump saying he’s going to win with Hispanics?
  • Is Donald Trump more in tune with Republicans on immigration than you are?
  • Are you comfortable with Donald Trump having “his finger on the button”?
  • Is Donald Trump “ready to be commander in chief”?
  • If he’s the nominee, will you “enthusiastically support him”?
  • “Do you think there needs to be a Stop Trump movement”?

If that sounds as if she asked a lot of questions about Donald Trump, that’s because she did. In the five-and-a-half-minutes interview, Gangel asked eight questions about Donald Trump. The only other topic she found time to cover was Rubio’s missed Senate votes while campaigning.


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