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Moore’s Ovation

I find the buzz and adulation about Moore’s movie simultaneously so pathetic and so depressing, I haven’t been able to muster much energy to read up on it. That said, this tidbit from Drudge piqued my interest. “Movie shows video of U.S. soldiers laughing as they place hoods over Iraqi detainees, with one of them grabbing a prisoner’s genitals through a blanket…”

It does cause me to wonder how Moore got that particular footage. If it was shot for the film with cooperation of the troops, then that raises some interesting legal-ethical issues for Moore and for the soldiers. Since I think Moore’s a deeply dishonest guy, it wouldn’t shock me if the scene was staged. Which would also raise some issues for Moore and for the lessons of Abu Ghraib. There may be a completely above-board explanation which is even in the film itself. One way to find out would be for me to see it, which as of right now is too high a price to pay.


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