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The Moose Moves On

WASHINGTON – Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-CT) announced today he has appointed Marshall Wittmann, formerly a Senior Fellow at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and Communications Director to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), to replace Senate Communications Director Casey Aden-Wansbury, who left Lieberman’s office last month to join the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF).

“There is no better person to take the helm during this new time in my Senate career than Marshall,” Lieberman said.  “Marshall has been a trusted outside advisor to me for some time now and I’m glad he will be bring his experience and wisdom to my staff.  Those qualities, along with his independence and diverse background, make him the ideal captain of my new Senate Communications team.”

Wittmann, a registered Independent, has a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan.  Since 2004, he has been a Senior Fellow at the DLC.  Prior to that, he served as Communications Director to Sen. McCain from 2002–2004.  From 2000-2002, Wittmann was a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute.  During the 1990’s, Wittmann did stints as Legislative Director for both the Heritage Foundation and the Christian Coalition.  A native of Waco, Texas, Wittmann began his career by working as a social worker in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  

“It is both an honor and a privilege to have this opportunity to join Senator Lieberman’s staff,” Wittmann said.  “The people of Connecticut and indeed all of America are fortunate to have his independent leadership in the Senate.  I look forward to being part of his team.”

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