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Mopping Up

Hoo-ee, I started some fight there, di’n I? And then ducked out just as the furniture started flying. Sorry about that—my dinner club met last night & I had to run for the train. Thanks to Mark, anyway, for covering my back.

Just a couple of points left unsaid in responses to JPod.

  • JPod believes the immigration policies of 1900 will work just fine for the U.S.A. today. Which other aspects of U.S. policy circa 1900 would you favor restoring, JPod? Zero welfare state? Male-only suffrage? The Tariff? There, I knew it—you’re a Ron Paul voter!
  • The 20th century was indeed a great one for the U.S.A., and its early years included the latter half of the Great Wave of European immigration. The 20th century also included the Great Pause of 1924-1965, when immigration was at very low levels. In your plan to reprise the 20th century, JPod, shall we get a Great Pause? When does it start?

And thanks, JPod, for letting us know that Commentary is to be edited by a guy who thinks “illegal” is “a weasel word.” That old rule-of-law stuff is so paleo.

Regards to Ralph.


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