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Moral of The Story

Over at The New Republic campaign blog,

Michelle Cottle writes:

According to the voter breakdown that CNN is currently hawking, the top

reason that Bush voters gave for supporting their guy was not the economy,

not Iraq, not even the war on terrorism. It was “moral values.” That’s

right, with American soldiers dying overseas, Al Qaeda still gunning for us

at home, the deficit spiraling, the gap between rich and poor growing,

Social Security on the brink, etc., etc., Bush’s reelection was driven by a

bunch of folks freaked out over the thought of gay marriage and stem-cell


God save the republic.

Um, sorry, but the prospect of having a basic and ancient social institution

redefined for the nation by judicial fiat is a really big deal to a

lot of us. As is the moral question of the exploitation of human life. Basic

civilizational questions.


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