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A less interesting email in response to same column:

You don’t know what you’re doing. If you aren’t concerned about the way Bush is attempting to break down the barrier between church and state in order to propagate his own sectarian evangelical BS, you’re missing a few screws. The core of his neoevangelical crowd is about an intolerant as any group in America. As a Jewish American you ought to be embarrassed to be defending these medieval lunatics. You’re evidently a gambling man. You know these people have nothing to do with your own beliefs. They just happen to overlap — in a few key areas — for now. You’re playing with fire. And I promise you you’ll get nice and toasted one day if you keep it up. Just keep defending these loopy freaks. It will catch up to you.

p.s. I assume you know what I mean. If not, do the research. And take off the painted-over goggles for God’s sake. You’ve got to figure out who your true friends are.


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