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Another military contractor has been found to be employing hundreds of illegal aliens. This time, they were exposed because of intelligence that al Qaeda was planning to poison MREs, the military’s field rations. It doesn’t appear that any rations were tainted, but this does raise an issue I hadn’t really thought about before — corruption. A plot like this one wouldn’t require people willing to commit suicide (which would limit it to Muslims) — why not simply bribe infidels on the inside to look the other way? This seems to be part of what happened in Beslan, where local cops or maintenance workers were accomplices to the massacre without necessarily knowing what was planned. And while corruption exists everywhere, it stands to reason that illegal aliens from cultures where bribery is pervasive are more likely participants in this sort of thing. So much for the “good” illegals from Mexico vs. the “bad” illegals from the Middle East.


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