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More On 215

From a reader:

Jonah – Just caught up with your Sec. 215 discussion in the corner, and wanted to point out one more reason why conservatives empahsize that it’s never been used: Because the liberals who refer to it mainly use it to bash the Bush Administration (and John Ashcroft in particular), not to attack the Congress that passed it. You’ll note that the DOJ is part of the executive branch, which enforces laws. So, by attacking Bush and Ashcroft, the liberals are attacking the exectutive branch for their (supposed) draconian, Nazi-like enforcement of a law. Therefore it’s perfectly reasonable to defend the administration by pointing out that they’re not even going as far as the law allows them to.

If liberals were susceptible to reason, they’d see that the lack of enforcement suggests that far from overreaching, John Ashcroft is in fact not even using all the power those great defenders of civil liberties in Congress like John Edwards granted him.

Your (anon) clerk guy,


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