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More About Kerry-Fonda

Bob Novak adds detail to the Kerry-Fonda photo today. A flier shows Kerry led the bill at an anti-war rally that also featured Fonda and other leftist radicals. Let’s not just focus on the picture, but what happened and what was said at the rally pictured.

Novak also reports Kerry, as the New England representative, attended a VVAW executive committee meeting Sept. 11, 1970. Minutes show plans to picket the National Guard Association convention in New York, to sponsor “war crimes testimony” at the U.N. and to coordinate with Jane Fonda’s speaking tour. A later VVAW staff meeting decided to bar the American flag from the organization’s offices. A VVAW flier of their period claims “American soldiers” commit atrocities “every day” against “the Vietnamese simply because they are ‘Gooks.’”

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