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More on the Absurdity of McCain’s Taking Criticism of Wright Off the Table

On the same theme addressed here on NRO by the editors yesterday and Pete Wehner on Friday, Powerline’s John Hinderaker asks an excellent question

At a blogger conference call last week, Jen Rubin of Commentary’s excellent Contentions blog, asked Sen. McCain about Hamas’s endorsement of Sen. Obama for the presidency.  Did McCain get indignant?  Did he spew that an insinuation that Obama might be popular with Islamic terrorists would be “out of touch with reality in the Republican Party”?  Not exactly.  He said:

All I can tell you Jennifer is that I think it’s very clear who Hamas wants to be the next president of the United States. So apparently has Danny Ortega and several others. I think that people should understand that I will be Hamas’s worst nightmare…. If senator Obama is favored by Hamas I think people can make judgments accordingly.

Of course, he’s right about that.  But, as John observes:  “Why it is OK to pin Hamas’s endorsement on Obama, but, in McCain’s world, ‘unacceptable’ to tie Obama to another supporter, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, to whom he is obviously far closer.”  Exactly:  the Hamas endorsement of Obama, while understandable, was unsolicited; Wright, on the other hand, is someone with whom Obama was tight for two decades and who Obama chose to incorporate in his campaign as an advisor.  Why does McCain figure the former is fit for criticism but focus on the latter is an occasion for smug condemnation of conservatives?


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