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More Brainless Leftoid Think Tanks

Here’s a new wrinkle on the lib-left Democrat copycat action over the past few years — you know, how they need a radio network because conservatives have successful talk radio hosts, and an Al Gore-run cable channel because conservatives have the Fox News Channel, and a big fancy Place to Think Deep Thoughts in DC called the Center for American Progress because conservatives have Heritage and Hudson and AEI.

Now comes word of yet another liberal think tank out in California, to be called the New Politics Institute. The NPI has hired the man behind the Daily Kos, Markos (“‘screw ‘em’ if American businessmen get killed in Iraq”) Zuniga to help get its message out. Only Zuniga really isn’t interested in thinking, not when there’s bile to be spewed and lunatic left-wing rage to be stoked.

“Policy think tanks are pretty useless,” he told the Hill newspaper. “All the great policy white papers aren’t going to do any good.” The purpose of the New Policy Institute will be on “building a Democratic Party that is focused on winning.”

There we have it, a perfect encapsulation of the Babbittry that has overcome the Democratic Left. Ideas are bunk. “Policy white papers” are boring. What matters is salesmanship. On behalf of all conservatives, let me put out a passionate plea to all rich liberal Democrats: Stop blogging at Arianna’s site for a moment, get out that checkbook, and donate as much money as you possibly can to the New Politics Institute.


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