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Clearly Kathryn is asleep at the wheel. Meanwhile, from a reader:

Hello Jonah:

One major quibble with the BSG finale. Adama essentially leaves it up to President Roslin to decide whether or not to go through with stealing the election. Due to the pangs of her conscious about committing a “criminal” act by stealing the election, she makes the decision to allow Balter to become President. I found this decision to be so unbelievable that I could feel myself disengaging from the show (and I’ve been a fan since the beginning). Roslin, whether she has proof or not, BELIEVES that Gaius Baltar is in cahoots with the cylons. These are the same cylons that essentially exterminated the human race, destroyed their home worlds and have been actively hunting the pitifully few human survivors across the universe. It strains credulity to think that Roslin (or really, any sane person in a similar position), would allow a punctilious adherence to to the legal code to trump the danger of allowing a person in league with the ultimate enemy to take charge of humanity. I’m willing to suspend disbelief, but accepting her decision requires throwing out the window everything I ever thought I knew about human nature. Can’t do it, I’m afraid, although I’m hoping the show will win me back in October.

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