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More Buckley Books – the Classic Firing Line Memoir

This is another Bill Buckley beaut, the 1989 “memoir” of the then-23-year history of one of the most profoundly important shows on television. Library Journal had nothing but praise for this big, meaty, 533-page hardcover, saying On the Firing Line: The Public Life of Our Publics Figures is

a joy for anyone who delights in the raised eyebrows and eruditely crafted salvos at guests who dare to be less doctrinaire conservative than host Buckley. The book’s pages read like a Who’s Who of luminaries in politics, the arts, and journalism, including George McGovern, Barry Goldwater, presidents from Nixon to Reagan, and a number of heads of states of other nations. Most of the major social and political issues of the decades involved are scrutinized; but the real pleasure of this work is Buckley’s artful commentary in which he illustrates “manifest evasiveness” in some of his guests and “fine reasoning” in others. Delightful and challenging reading.

Relive and celebrate the glory days. Get your copy – again, we have some from our late founder’s private stash) – for $20, which includes postage and handling. Order here.  

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