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More on Cameron

Goes on to criticize I.D. Cards as wrong and a waste of money (using immigration as an example).

First mention of global warming is an attack on Labour’s regulatory approach to things. Can’t disagree with him there – then goes on to contradict himself by applauding the hideous regulatory burden of REACH.

The thinking here starts from the right place but takes a wrong turn.  This bit needs to be thought through more.

Then he says trust the professionals, not government, in a useful nod to the knowledge problem.

Unintended consequences of regulation is a big theme here.  I can’t disagree with this, but he needs to be more consistent on the issue.

Bringing up children is the greatest challenge of all and Labour’s approach creates a culture of irresponsibility.  Darn tootin’.  “We need a bit more of Supernanny and a bit less of the nanny state.”

Perorating.  Must build these foundations before coming up with the policies to advance them.  Not sure about this – these are all prety basic conservative principles and he’s also tipped his hat on certain specific policies that aren’t properly thought through.

His own one word summary: optimism (sorry, Derb).

Pretty good with the caveats mentioned above.  I give it a B+ verging on A-.

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