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More on the CBO Score

A friend notes in an e-mail:

Wow.  Where to start?

That the downpayment of $600 billion is now $1 trillion and that is actually (with Medicaid) $1.6 trillion and we still don’t cover everyone?

Or that we spend $1 trillion to only cover 16 million more?

Or that age 27 is still just a kid?  (okay, that is plausible… but not with the IRS)

Or that a family with an income in the highest federal pay grade, a GS 15 , or a federal administrative law judge is poor enough to require a subsidy here.

Or maybe it is the wonderful way it controls costs.  You might want to check  my math on this but here is how I see it.

Some 15 million Americans covered today by their employer would be covered by the government in 2019.

At @$6,000 per enrollee, that works out to roughly $90 billion in spending in 2019,

By moving those 15 million out of private insurance, the government “picks up” $48 billion in revenues from no longer having employer provided benefits tax freed.

So here is how Uncle Sam save money in health care, we spend $90 billion to get tax savings of $48 billion and not cover a single person more.   For $42 billion a year, we shift 15 million individual out of private coverage onto government coverage….

This is exactly the way the federal government saves money with Amtrak, GM, student loans, ag loans, crop insurance….


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