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More Civility!

Morton Kondracke pens what Mickey Kaus calls “yet another column calming the waters by accusing opponents of being racists.” It’s all the usual baloney, to which Mickey and my colleague Jerry Kammer have responded well, with “a positively unctuous level of civility” on Mickey’s part. But what I found hilarious was Kondracke’s description of CIS and other immigration skeptics as part of “a richly funded assemblage”; the pro-amnesty, loose-enforcement side has spent scores of millions, maybe as much as $100 million, over the past few years, and there’s literally hundreds of millions more where that came from. As Mickey writes:

You had Nancy Pelosi and George Bush and Barack Obama and Rupert Murdoch and George Soros and Karl Rove and NPR and Michael Bloomberg and the editorial boards of every major paper, including the NYT and the WSJ, plus the Chamber of Commerce and the Center for American Progress, among others, on your side.

And I’m the one who’s “richly funded”? I’d say it was a joke, but he appears to be serious. I believe shrinks call this “projection”: Those with virtually inexhaustible resources imagine others to be “richly funded,” hate-spewers accuse others of spewing hate. I suppose I should be thankful; the open-borders side’s complete inability to accurately interpret reality may be the greatest advantage we have.


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