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More on Coburn’s List of Stimulus Waste

Regarding item number five on Coburn’s list, here’s a reader in Florida:

I’m an attorney in Tallahassee, which will apparently be receiving “$3.4 million for a wildlife ‘eco-passage’ in Florida to take animals safely under a busy roadway.”  The “Turtle Tunnel” has been a pet project of a local doctoral student for years now.  His website for the project lists media coverage going back to March 2000.

There may be some value to the project – several accidents have been blamed on drivers swerving to avoid turtles crossing the road.  But the city and county commissions, which are as liberal as you’d expect in a state capital with two universities, have always balked at the cost of actually funding this boondoggle.

And regarding item number 7, “$1.15 million for installation of a new guard rail for the non-existent Optima Lake in Oklahoma” a reader sends in this picture –”Here’s a boat ramp there that hasn’t seen a lot of use”:

Optima lake


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