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More On Common Core Math

As a follow up to that amazing video in which it’s okay to answer 3 x 4 = 11, here’s some context. The source of the video is identified here (a community orientation session in Chicago). For more on how “fuzzy math” is encouraged by the Common Core, here’s an explanation at the website of the Indiana protesters who first objected. (Notice the first comment below the post, by math expert Barry Garelick.) The gist of things seems to be that by delaying traditional math requirements until later years, the Common Core has led many districts to fill in lessons in earlier grades with “fuzzy” math. Here’s Garelick again on the Common Core and math. Notice the “discouraging emails” he discusses near the top of his piece (highlighted in blue). Notice also his discussion of the eight principles by which the Common Core math standards are supposed to be taught.

It looks like that extraordinary video was no fluke.


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