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More Conda on Romney

I pressed Cesar a little on his Romney posts. Here’s the exchange: “But he didn’t win the nomination, Cesar. Do you really believe the economic situation is enough? He is still, after all, the same former governor of mass many conservatives were just not sure about.”

Cesar answered: “This isn’t about the 2012 GOP nomination for president. Governor Romney hasn’t said whether he is even interested in running again. This is about having someone in the GOP with stature and credibility to step up and provide leadership on the economy right now. This is Mitt’s moment. Because of his vast private-sector experience, Republicans should tap his expertise in crafting more sophisticated policy solutions to the financial crisis. I’m sorry, but railing against ‘big bank bailouts’ as many Republicans and conservatives are inclined to do won’t help the Republican party or the economy recover. We need to get to the hard work of developing a workable plan to remove toxic assets from banks, and explaining to the public on why government action is necessary in this case.” He added: “the views expressed here are strictly my own, as I haven’t spoken to Governor Romney in almost a year.”

We’ll see where we are in a year? This is the moment for leaders to show that they can lead. 

The Massachusetts health-care discussion, meanwhile, — which Ramesh addressed early and Jim Capretta addressed yesterday — will continue. (Yuval commented in The Corner during the primary campaign on the differences in the Mass. plan vs. the campaign plan.)


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