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A reader:

I would also note that David Freddoso’s piece got another thing wrong — the piece states that the GOP was “likely” to lose one or both houses of the state legislature. In fact Republicans gained seats in both (1 in the Senate, 3 in the House). The Freddoso piece could support Mr. Nadler’s position that E-Verify was causing the death of the Arizona GOP, but since the reality of the election results (btw Shadegg also won by over 12 points) seems to disprove much of what Freddoso said (at least at the state level), I don’t see why Mr. Nadler would draw attention to it.

And the losses in Congress that he mentions can be explained in other ways than E-Verify. 2006 was a good year for Democrats everywhere — certainly that helped in the two Arizona seats the GOP lost that year. And I don’t believe E-Verify was the issue in Giffords’ win — certainly the Republican there was a hard-liner on immigration, but it seems the locals want enforcement even if they don’t want “tougher methods.” As for the third seat — Renzi’s in 2008 — was that really remotely related to E-Verify, or was it the fact that Renzi is a crook indicted for corruption and the voters took it out on the guy with the R next to his name? Perhaps we’ll get a better idea in 2010.


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