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More “Contradictions”

I made a snide remark earlier based on a reporter’s comment that Kerry doesn’t like to have to deal with issues as they come up. That strikes me as distinct from the president saying that he avoids spending time reading the papers and watching TV news. He, uh, has people who tell him things, in some cases (I hope) before they are in the newspaper. He doesn’t need to read the NYTimes spin himself. And, I would expect Kerry, unless a narcissit, would do similarly. Heck, don’t many people rely on bloggers nowadays to filter news for them? If you have a staff, and a busy schedule…my observation re Kerry–and it was not a particularly deep one–the strategy now is to almost ignore what is going on in the world, stick to the schedule. Spout your innanities on foreign policy. (Have you been reading the Kerry Spot on NRO?) That’s it, but that’s different.

No more non-mea culpas today. No more misspelled words either. Adios.


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