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More Creeping Amnesty

Nevada yesterday started issuing special illegal-alien driver’s licenses, and there were long lines to sign up. Licenses (or Driver Authorization Cards, as they’re formally known) aren’t just for driving, of course, but also for ID in the many instances when a person in a big, modern, anonymous society has to identify himself to strangers. Unlike many countries in Europe and elsewhere, where there is a single national identification card, we have a decentralized national identification system based on the state driver’s licenses. That means when a state issues ID to people living here in violation of the law it is helping to formally incorporate them into our institutions, thus facilitating their law-breaking. In compliance with federal law, the Nevada card says “not valid for identification” but is otherwise identical to a regular Nevada license. And the disclaimer about not being valid ID is simply a lie; before Tennessee even produced its first such card, the state troopers and Nashville police announced they would accept them as valid ID regardless of the disclaimer. To imagine that Las Vegas authorities or Nevada state troopers will do otherwise is fanciful.


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Rat Patrol

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