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More deal with syria

The Wall Street Journal news pages were floating something similiar yesterday:

Despite Syria’s growing isolation, some Israeli analysts have begun speculating that the U.S. may seek to throw Syria a lifeline. Under one scenario, the U.S. would end Syria’s international isolation and possibly offer it some kind of aid package, in return for cutting ties with Iran and ending support for Hezbollah and Hamas….


…Akiva Eldar, a prominent Israeli columnist, said that though he thinks a U.S.-Syria deal is highly unlikely, it could work to the benefit of the U.S. and Israel, particularly as they deal with the Iranian nuclear issue in the months ahead. Meanwhile, a political adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Olmert said that while such a deal would make sense, it isn’t currently on Israel’s agenda. One major reason, he said: “Bashar [Assad] is weak and no one believes he could deliver on his end of it.”


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