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From another reader:

Regarding your Corner posting of an e-mail from a reader who stated that no Southerns drive around in their pickup truck with a Confederate flag I’d have to disagree. While I agree Dean was pandering, I do believe your reader is also trying to force the South to be in their world. I do not find it hard to believe that many of those who living in Atlanta, Nashville, and Charlotte do not come into more daily contact with those pickup trucks/Confederate flags. They do exist, they just live in more rural areas. I’d venture to guess they are also the ones who Democrats have been calling the “NASCAR” voting block. Dean should have just said NASCAR voters instead of pickup and battle flags. And these people do vote, they voted for Jim Hodges (D-SC) to the governorship in SC in 1998 and helped Sonny Perdue (R-GA) oust Gov. Barnes in Georgia. Generally though when the Confederate flag is not at issue [aside: now that it’s been removed from the Capitol domes across the South let’s hope this issue is now dead], they vote Republican for their beliefs in family values, patriotism and smaller government.

What I wonder though is if Dean was using that statement as a broader trial balloon for him to make a stand on the 2nd Amendment, ie we have to win those truck owning with the gun rack and Confederate flags in back voters to win the Presidency so we must stake out issues they care about.


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