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More ‘Diversity’ Nonsense

Per CNN, a theme today:

As Democrats in Congress celebrate a historic number of women elected to their ranks, the White House’s top ranks reflect a very different picture — one that is largely male.

CNN has learned President Barack Obama is expected to nominate White House chief of staff Jack Lew as treasury secretary.

The likely contenders to replace Lew—including Ron Klain, who once served as Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, and Denis McDonough, a deputy national security adviser, are all men.

Then there’s the president’s recent choice for defense secretary: former Sen. Chuck Hagel. The preferred choice to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state is another man: Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.

So? As I’ve written before, I really couldn’t care less what color or sex the people who make up the president’s cabinet are. Just don’t give a damn. Sex and race are the least interesting things about a person. Boring and irrelevant. 

Still, you’d think that these Obama appointments — and the weird flak the president is starting to attract in consequence — might wake some on the Left up to the sheer nonsense that is “diversity.” Barack Obama is appointing the people that he wants for the jobs he has available, and one presumes that he’s doing so in good faith. Why should it matter who they are? If every single cabinet position was filled by black men or Peruvian women or Swedish lesbians — or, yes, white men — it would make not the slightest bit of difference to anything. This isn’t even an evil Republican with a secret plan to disenfranchise or oppress anybody who doesn’t look like Donald Draper; instead, an African-American president that progressives broadly admire is nominating a largely white male cabinet for his second term. Is it too much to ask that, instead of spilling more ink adumbrating the reflexive outrage, the spectacle will aid those who rattle on about “diversity” to take a step back and see that the whole thing is a crock?

Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, Slate’s Matt Yglesias tweeted:

Sums it all up, really. The president could appease ill-defined “concerns” by arbitrarily promoting one of two people that he doesn’t necessarily want — because she happens to be a woman. What a lot of stuff and nonsense.


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