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More Edwards/Letterman/Leno

I’ve gotten a lot of emails from readers forwarding the link to the YouTube video of David Letterman’s Obama/Edwards Top 10 list.  From what I understand, that doesn’t prove that it actually aired on CBS; the network spokeswoman told me the CBS web people had posted the Top 10 in print and video form before taking it down after learning that it had been cut from the show.  In the meantime, I’ve also gotten more emails from people who say they saw it on the Letterman show, but I still haven’t seen any video to that effect.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten notes that Jay Leno joked about Edwards last night, saying something to the effect of: “The National Enquirer reports that John Edwards’ mistress is receiving $15,000 a month in hush money.  No word on how much the mainstream media is getting.”  The audience reportedly got the joke.


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