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More Embarrassment for Labor Department

When I reported yesterday about lampoonable hijinks at the Labor Department and about allegations of a hostile work atmosphere, one quote I reported from a source, but on which I did not linger, included this assertion from the source: “I believe ageism, sexism, and racism are involved” in personnel decisions. Specifically, I had been told, but had not been able to independently verify, that an inordinate number of Hispanic and black employees, along with women, were forced out or denied promotions. A separate source said much the same thing. I also reported on a complaint from the local union (Number 12) complaining about ill treatment from the department.

On the same day as my report, the Daily Caller reported that, apparently separately, the same local union is alleging discriminatory personnel practices at the department. No need to recount the details; you can read them at this link.


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