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More Eu Corruption?

The EU is already embroiled in a number of corruption scandals juicy enough to call for a grim celebration (toasted in Swedish ’standard’ milk, of course) by its many critics. According to the Telegraph, here’s another, this time involving its ‘Committee of the Regions,’ whatever that it is. As usual in these matters, the whistleblower seems to have been through a tough time:

“Robert McCoy, formerly the financial controller and now internal auditor for the committee, complained that he was vilified by colleagues and taunted with cries of “Gestapo!” after trying to clamp down on widespread financial irregularities, including bogus expenses claims by some committee members (none of them British or Irish).”

Cries of “Gestapo”, eh? Rough talk that in an organization that was so shocked (shocked!) by Berlusconi’s gaffe in the EU ‘parliament’ earlier this year.


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