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More Evidence That Trump’s Conduct Hurt Him

Harry Enten, a senior writer and analyst at CNN, notes that as of this morning, Republican candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania have received 117,000 more votes than their Democratic counterparts while splitting its 18 available seats. In the same election, Donald Trump received 47,566 fewer votes than Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, according to the Associated Press’s latest figures. Trump undoubtedly deserves credit for putting the Rust Belt states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin back into play for the GOP after years of Democratic dominance — successfully even in 2016. However, it seems inarguable that Trump’s behavior has cost him hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of gettable votes across the country that more disciplined Republican candidates were able to secure. Some loyalists will suggest it was misguided of voters to refrain from lending Trump their support while backing the GOP in down-ballot races. But ultimately, it is a candidate’s job not to repel potential supporters, not the voters’ job to demonstrate their unwavering support to politicians who they feel have not earned it.


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