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I am also a professor at a military-related institution, and my little

brother is an enlisted Marine (a sniper with 1-3) in Fallujah. This weekend

he called for the first time since the battle began. He informed us that a

large number of the residents of Fallujah, before fleeing the battle, left

blankets and bedding for the Marines and Soldiers along with notes thanking

the Americans for liberating their city from the terrorists, as well as

invitations to the Marines and Soldiers to sleep in their houses. I’ve yet

to see a report in the media of this. Imagine that.

Additionally, he said their spirits are high, but they would certainly

appreciate any “care packages” that folks in the States would care to send

their way (preferably consisting of non-perishable food items, candy,

deodorant, eye-drops, q-tips, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lip balm, hand/feet

warmers, black/dark undershirts, underwear & socks, and non-aerosol bug


It would be great if you could pass this message along to anyone interested

in helping out.”


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