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More on Hillary, FISA

Ed Morrissey noted Hillary’s FISA vote yesterday. Speculating on the possible reasons why she would show up Obama in so dramatic a fashion, he wrote:

… Obama hasn’t exactly broken a leg in a rush to assist her in retiring her campaign debt, either.

Actually, he almost broke a leg doing exactly that last night, but only because he forgot to make the pitch during his original speech and had to rush back on stage:


The Land of Lincolner leaps back on stage after his final curtain call at a Manhattan fundraiser Wednesday night after forgetting to ask donors for help with Clinton’s debt.

Later, the two appeared together at a dinner with mostly Clinton supporters, bringing in $4.1 million for the Obama camp.

No doubt all of that money came from the army of small-dollar donors that allowed Obama to reject public financing with a clean conscience. 


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