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Hi Rich,

I just read the Huckabee campaign’s latest statement you linked to regarding the Waas article, and if I’m reading it correctly, they’re contending that Waas got his facts incorrect because… Huck wasn’t interested in or advocating for parole. In fact, he wanted to grant clemency, and the parole board tried to dissuade him from doing so…

Here is the relevant passage:

…It is this October ‘96 meeting which is now the focus of attention. One of the Board members, Charles Chastain, is now alleging publicly that the Governor used that meeting to pressure the Board to grant DuMond parole.

In fact, just the opposite is true: Mr. Chastain attempted to dissuade Governor Huckabee from his intent to grant clemency to DuMond.

“They are saying that the Governor was trying to persuade them to grant parole,” said Reeves, “it was the other way around, they were trying to persuade him not to grant clemency.”

At the time Mr. Reeves served as chief counsel to the Governor and attended the October meeting with Governor Huckabee in his official capacity.

Mr. Reeves asserts categorically that parole for DuMond was “never mentioned” during the meeting. (“I told this guy [Waas], that’s not why we had that meeting.”) The quotes attributed to Reeves in The Huffington Post article, authored by Murray Waas, all relate to a conversation which was about Governor Huckabee’s stated intention to grant DuMond clemency.

This is a very simple distinction that Waas fails to make. The context of the discussion that occurred – and Governor Huckabee has not denied that a discussion occurred – was the question of whether or not Governor Huckabee would grant clemency, not whether or not the Board would grant parole. The Board’s decision had already been made and their recommendation was already on the Governor’s desk….


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