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More Inside-Baseball House Leadership

I won’t do this all day, but…

From a Hill Guy who’s going to be pro-Pence:

I’m not a Boehner hater, but his time has passed and the time for the old guard has passed. Boehner may have indeed run his CAMPAIGN on a platform of change, and then what happened after? Nothing. Nothing at all. No one addressed the scandals. Earmark reform was so minor and it was the RSC under the true bloods that forced his hand.

What was accomplished under Majority Leader Boehner over 10 months? Nothing.

Nothing at all. As the majority whittled away, Mr. Boehner was more concerned with K Street than his colleagues in Cannon. Nero fiddled as Rome burned.

The bottom line is that after yesterday, the GOP is at a fork in the road. You can have a fresh renewed commitment to our core principles, or you can have the guy who was handing out checks to members from Tobacco lobbyists on the House floor. I think the choice is clear.

For the record: I don’t think earmark reform was “nothing” or “so minor.” But I still think the it’s going to come down to a fresh face this time.