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More Interesting Than Eric Rudolph…

But just as deserving of execution! From the Sun:

COP killer Kamel Bourgass was yesterday unmasked as Osama Bin Laden’s master poisoner — with a mission to murder as many Britons as possible.

Fanatical Bourgass, who stabbed detective constable Stephen Oake to death as police closed in on an al-Qaeda cell, spearheaded a terrifying plot to terrorise London.

The gang planned to smear lethal RICIN poison on door handles of cars and shops in the bustling Holloway Road, North London.

They even intended to open TOOTHBRUSH packs in shops, daub them with ricin and re-seal them.

And the alarming campaign also involved a CYANIDE attack on the Tube, targeting passengers with a pump-style garden spray gun.

Note: Ignore their strange habit of ALL CAPPING some WORDS. Also, ignore those page 3 girls. Tsk. Tsk.


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